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Arena Lviv



The most luminous event in the history of Ukrainian sports - Euro 2012, would not have happened without this architectural object, which became the largest stadium in western Ukraine.

Created far from the historic city center, it has already become an active place for young people, thanks to the huge number of events that happen here, from football and auto racing to concerts.



Type: Public, stadium

Client: Directorate for the construction of facilities for EURO 2012 in the city of Lviv

Size: 34 915 seats

Location: Stryiska st., 199, Lviv, Ukraine

Year: 2009 -2011

Status: Completed

Team: Volodymyr Sledz, Albert Wimmer, Oleh Tomkiv, Nazar Gaiga, Mykola Stolyarov, Ihor Karhut, Bohdan Kuba

Awards: State Prize of Ukraine in the field of architecture 2013

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